Protected: Addiction is a Chronic Disease; We Should Treat It Like One

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Protected: Do Your Research Before You Go to the Buy That New Car

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Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

Can a woman get breast cancer if there’s no history of it in her family? Is pain the most common symptom of breast cancer? Is mastectomy a more effective treatment option than lumpectomy? Ted James, MD, Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology and Co-Director of the BreastCare Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, discusses six common

Breast Health: What to Do if You Find a Lump

Finding a lump in your breast can be unsettling. But, the good news about breast lumps is that they’re often benign (i.e., not cancerous). Nevertheless, it is something that needs to be taken very seriously. “It’s important to see your doctor right away to rule out anything serious,” said Ted James, MD, Chief of Breast

When Is it Time to Get a Mammogram?

Mammography is the most effective method of early detection of breast cancer, helping to diagnose disease at an early stage when treatment is most successful. By using low-energy X-rays, physicians are able to screen for and diagnose abnormalities in the breast tissue. Screening mammography (looks for changes in the breast versus diagnostic mammography which is

ID Theft and Fraud Continue to Grow – Here’s How to Prevent It

  We’ve all heard about the horrors of identify theft, though most of us still do little to prevent it. Perhaps this is because most of us assume that potentially losing bank account, credit card and even social security data will happen only to someone else. Given the alarming rise in security breaches and hacks,

How to Avoid Migraine Triggers

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know it’s different from a typical tension headache. A migraine is a type of headache that comes with its own set of symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light, sound or smells, extreme fatigue or dizziness. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, approximately 12% of people in the U.S.

Treating Chronic Pain With Integrative Therapies

Can meditation help with chronic pain? What about yoga or acupuncture? “We have quite good evidence to support the use of integrative therapies, in addition to some traditional therapies, to manage chronic pain, says Aditi Nerurkar, MD, Medical Director of the CHENG-TSUI Integrated Health Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. BIDMC has developed an integrative model where