A Tale of Two Smiles: Why Mom Switched to Clear Aligners

There’s no one better to tell other moms about the difference in the experience between Invisalign® treatment and traditional braces than a mom who has used both herself and who has had two daughters go through different teeth-straightening treatment options: one with brackets and wires, and the other with Invisalign® treatment. Mom Daily talks about why

What to Know Before You Apply for a Mortgage

House hunting has become a sport in areas where the economy is strong. Many more people browse than buy, but observers can often turn into potential buyers. Regardless of whether you’re casually looking, grabbing architectural and design inspiration, or actively searching for somewhere new to call home, you’ll want to have your financial information in

How vacation becomes a year-round affair at Meredith Bay

  Many families spend their summer vacations in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. Why not make it a year-round affair at Meredith Bay? Although Lake Winnipesaukee gets the most attention as a supreme swimming, boating and fishing destination, the region offers great opportunities to play in all four seasons. Here’s how you can enjoy the tranquil

8 Custom Decking Ideas You Can’t Miss

Summer is on our doorstep, which means soft, warm evenings and long, sunny days that you’ll be spending outside. Whether you want to dine al fresco with your crew or have a movie night under the stars with your family this summer, why not upgrade your outdoor space by personalizing it with a deck or

Measuring the True Cost of Home Ownership

We’ve probably all looked at a home’s price tag and thought, “I could probably handle that.” But many of us probably don’t know the real cost of owning a home. Sure, there are tons of online calculators that can tell us in a blink of an eye exactly how big our monthly payment will be,

Hearing Success Story Illustrates Leading-Edge Techniques at Mass. Eye and Ear

“When he first walked into the room and I first met Dr. Lee, I felt hope,” recalls Moi, the mother of Elle, a young child who was born profoundly deaf and received bilateral cochlear implant surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Today, Elle enjoys soccer, basketball and tae kwon do. “Cochlear implants are really an

Cataract Surgery Makes Clear Difference for Mass. Eye and Ear Patients

To understand what it means to reclaim your vision, ask one of the 20,000 patients who annually visit the Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Cataract Consultation Service at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. While not every patient requires cataract surgery, for those who do, the changes in lifestyle can be miraculous.  “I looked into the back garden and

Non-surgical Treatments for Arthritis

Pain, swelling and limited mobility are all common symptoms of arthritis. But these limitations don’t have to get you down—there are many treatment options to help you get back to your favorite activities, and not all include surgery. When you visit the Hip and Knee Arthritis Center at BIDMC, our multidisciplinary team will work with