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: August, 2016

A Free Information Session can Help Determine if Weight Loss Surgery is Right for You

Are You at Risk for Shingles?

If you’re a senior, chances are you’ve known somebody who has suffered a bout of shingles. There’s no mistaking its telltale painful rash, and its connection to chicken pox is commonly discussed. Still, questions linger for many: Am I at risk? Should I get vaccinated? Is it contagious? Shingles usually shows up as a red

Back pain can be treated without surgery

Valerie (“Val”) Berzinis Mahtesian, 58, a high school computer science teacher, has always been extremely active and in good shape. A former avid runner, she travels, dances, and rides her bike in her spare time. About five years ago, Val began experiencing severe pain in her lower back. “Low back pain might feel like a