Protected: How to support a loved one who’s facing dementia

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How One Lancaster County Family Is Taking on Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Kelly Harnly noticed her eight-year-old son, Mason, was excessively thirsty and urinating frequently—symptoms her background in nursing helped her recognize as a red flag for diabetes. She contacted his pediatrician, who had Mason come in for an appointment. Mason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which was previously known as juvenile diabetes since it is

The tipping point: A Lancaster County woman’s story of double knee replacement

Dianne Shepherd remembers the night well. She calls it “the tipping point.” “It came at the end of my shift. I could hardly walk to the car. And when I got home, I could hardly get out of the car,” recalls Dianne. “I thought, ‘This is nuts.’ At that point, I was just ready.” The

I wish I’d known: A Lancaster County woman’s powerful story about 3D mammography

Gloria Denlinger is determined to help other women in Lancaster County avoid her experience with breast cancer by sharing her story. “My biggest regret is not knowing that I could have chosen 3D mammography for my annual screening. I knew I had dense breast tissue but was unaware that 3D mammography would have been better

Back to school with the LG Health Hub

It’s back-to-school time and Lancaster General Health has an online resource to help your family get off to a great start. The LG Health Hub is filled with health and wellness tips for preschoolers through college students—and the parents who are behind them every step of the way. LG Health doctors, dietitians, physical therapists and

Make your home comfortable…. in both the heat and the cold

Doors and windows remain the major sources of energy leaks in our homes. New products carry space-age improvements in energy efficiency that drastically reduce our utility bills while improving the appearance, and subsequent value, of our property. The Department of Energy says that before selecting new windows [and doors] for your home, determine what type

Can your heart really break?

Actress Debbie Reynolds’ passing one day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher raised the question: Can someone die of a broken heart? Experts, including The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health’s Dr. Lindsay Castle, say yes. Most of us have heard the expression “broken heart” in reference to a time in life when

Myths vs. Facts: Everything you need to know about milk

You’ve seen the got milk? advertisements. You’ve seen replacement nut beverages popping up in grocery stores. You’ve likely been told by a parent to finish your glass of milk before leaving the table. But how much do you really know about this dietary staple? Turns out, there’s a lot of misconceptions about milk—and a lot of misinformation