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: May, 2020

5 simple ways to protect the ocean

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in how vast the ocean is, but we need to be reminded of its importance and vulnerability. The ocean contains up to 80% of life on Earth, and provides an important source of fish protein to more than 3 billion people on our planet. To celebrate National Oceans

Internships help Youngstown State students get a running start

When employers look to hire new recruits into their organization, they are looking for more than just a transcript. Experience, education and references are important, but the most successful companies also want to know that the people they’re bringing in are the right fit for their corporate culture. They want to know that you are

Your Loved One Is Safer Here: Why Moving Your Elderly from Assisted Living Facilities Can Be Dangerous

We’ve seen the frightening images on our TV screens.  Much has been made of COVID-19’s apparent targeting of senior living communities across the United States. The result is the assumption that all care facilities are unsafe, leading loved ones of the elderly to believe that their seniors may be better off in their home or