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Building on a Solid Foundation: Carolina Foundation Solutions Offers Foundations for Poor Soil Conditions

The U.S. economy may be showing signs of slowing. However, according to Dave Simpson, president and CEO of Carolinas Associated General Contractors, construction is projected to remain on an upward path, particularly in North Carolina and South Carolina. With favorable mortgage interest rates, a steady growth in population and building and land costs still lower

Carolina Foundation Solutions: A Year in Review

Carolina Foundation Solutions Utilizes Helical Pilings for More Efficient Repair

The foundations of residential homes and commercial buildings have undergone nothing short of a repair revolution in recent years, though most consumers and businesses still take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. Nowhere is this significant development more visible than in the use of helical pilings, hydraulically driven piles that are used to

From Cracks to Sticky Doors – Self-Inspection is Critical First Step to Selling Home

The days are getting longer and spring is not too far in the distance. Though it still may feel early, now is the time to start thinking about whether you will sell your home this spring or early summer. A couple of realities never change regardless of when you sell your home, the importance of

Foundation Repair Sees a More Swift, Convenient and Cost Effective Solution

As homeowners and property owners, you may ignore that need for a fresh coat of door paint or replacing light switches, but a crack in the foundation of your house or building should never be ignored. In fact, when it comes to cracks, vigilance really pays off. The sooner you address signs of a shifting

Carolina Foundation Solutions offers State-of-the-Art Carbon Fiber Solution

You don’t want to see it, but there it is: a crack in your home’s basement wall or the retaining wall at your industrial building. Instantly visions of walls caving, crumbling and, massive disruption fill your head. But you can relax. Today, there’s more than one solution for cracked, bowing or leaning basement and retaining

Reputable Foundation Company Adds Modern Techniques to Repair Services

Much has changed in home construction over the past few decades, from smart HVAC systems to new building materials. However, one element of home construction has hardly changed at all: the use of concrete for foundations, slab floors, garage floors, driveways and patios. While concrete has no equal, it still remains susceptible to shifting, settling,

Modern Solutions Grow for Settlement in our Homes

Like so many structural issues with one’s home, a problem with the foundation goes well beyond an obvious crack. Similar to water damage or other fundamental issues, a faulty foundation directly affects the overall integrity of the home, the largest investment in most people’s portfolios. Inspecting the foundation is as integral to maintaining a home’s

The ABCs of Foundation Cracking in Our Homes

Like most issues pertaining to our homes, from the paint to the plumbing, troubles with the foundation comes under many guises. Unlike with paint, plumbing and other repairs, most homeowners assume there can be only one issue with a home’s foundation: a crack. Truth is, there are many different types of cracks and signs of